Adeg 50+ supermarket

Living map of ageing innovators

ADEGLogoIn 2003 the Austrian supermarket chain Adeg opened Europe’s first supermarket specially designed for older people’s needs “Supermarket der Generationen”.
Inside the aisles are wider, the lighting is specially calibrated for the sensitive eyes of older people and the floor is non-skid to prevent any potential falls – especially in the rainy seasons. All products are easy to reach and prices easy to read. Magnifiers are mounted by the shelves for people who may have left their glasses at home. Seating areas are provided so that people can take a rest if need be and they can even test their blood pressure for free. Customers can test products to make sure they get what they really want to and staff are trained to respond to the needs of older people. In fact most staff are older people themselves.
Adeg’s older friendly store proved a hit with people of…

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