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Wheelchair ramps are invaluable pieces of architecture for those that need to use them. They are meant for smooth, SAFE transitions from walkway to building interior. EVERYONE KNOWSwheelchair ramps are a great idea! They are great not only for those with wheelchairs, but for those that find steps hard to negotiate (think recent knee replacement recipients), also great for making toddlers and other kids run up and down to tucker them out before bedtime (provided they aren’t getting in anyone’s way). Ramps are a way to get EVERYONE into and out of a building – not just those in wheelchairs. Why is it then that some ramps seem like this:

Obviously, I’m poking a little fun here – unless you’re in the wheelchair, then you wouldn’t think so – but there are more ramps out there that are properly done than not. I’m not even talking about those that someone built in their…

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